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18 size, double sunk, Roman numeral dial marked "Paillard Non-Magnetic...Chicago, USA ".
18 size, 17jewel grade 65E hunter (circa 1897) marked "Paillard Non-Magnetic Watch Co. Chicago, USA".

There are 2 aspects of the above watch which make it an interesting part of any collection of Illinois watches. First, the "Paillard" Private label offers enough variety of interesting grades of Illinois movements to make a collection by itself. Second, this movement is a grade 65-E, a very interesting grade, which could also form a collection by itself.

The 65-E is a slightly higher grade subset of the grade 65. Production of this grade in all jewelings is very low. It has been described as "almost a Bunn". It was probably made as a marketing tool, which allowed the sale of almost Bunn quality watches to some large customers for less than a Bunn price. Most 65-Es are private labels with the majority being found as "Washington Watch Co. for Montgomery Ward & Co.